In a traditionally male-dominated industry, DTMF Groups Managing Director Stephanie Deligiorgis is making significant strides to ensure that DTMF Group is a shining example for female directors across Australia.

“As a female leader in an industry dominated by men, I always seek ways of promoting equality in the DTMF Group team. We currently have over 550+ staff working across Australia. We aim to create career progression opportunities for each of our staff – from cleaning staff to head office management.

It’s very rewarding when a client refers our business to a friend or building owner. We encourage our team to treat our client facilities like it’s our very own workplace, showing care and support with clear communication and

transparency with the services we provide. Being a female leader greatly affects how DTMF Group operates in the industry; we take a different approach and encourage team spirit.”

The DTMF Group brand has grown organically across many industries Australia-wide through this approach. We partner with businesses to achieve their goals. We provide a supportive and safe workplace for our staff and focus on our client’s needs now and into the future.

Stephanie seeks to lead by example, and to send a message of change to all women currently undertaking or looking at leadership positions in the cleaning industry that anything is possible.