Kenneth Myer Building

DTMF Group is continually evolving its service offering, One area that has seen a particular focus in recent years has been the realm of robotics.

By using robotics, we can achieve cleaning results with the same quality expected from experienced custodial staff, while freeing the staff to focus on higher-priority jobs, drive customer satisfaction, and realise savings that can be passed on to customers.

At the Kenneth Myer Building, the Brain Centre at Melbourne University, we use robotic cleaning.
Using automated technology has obvious benefits, but Zoe has led the way in implementing automated vacuuming to improve service.

By introducing robotic solutions, DTMF Group cleaners can focus on other sensitive and essential infection control, sanitisation and cleaning services across the building. The KMB is also home to our laboratories contract. Innovative equipment is essential when cleaning laboratories. From stringent training and induction requirements to using specialised equipment such as microfibre pulse mops to minimise slip hazards, as well as managing cross-contamination.

DTMF Group’s brain centre is our integrated management system. Our systems intertwine with The University of Melbourne work order portal, using slack for instant communication and action, overseen by our online compliance and helpdesk.