The University of Melbourne’s Parkville cleaning buggies and street sweepers go electric.

Vehicles used to clean and sweep the campus now produce zero exhaust emissions. The fleet of cleaning buggies and street sweepers employed by DTMF Group on the Parkville campus became 100% electric in February 2021. These vehicles have replaced fossil-fuel-powered vehicles and removed associated exhaust emissions from the campus, operating more efficiently to deliver high-quality cleaning services.

Using one electric street sweeper or buggy saves up to 80mg of nitrogen oxide per kilometre compared to a combustible fuel-powered equivalent vehicle.By converting their fleet to electric, DTMF Group has saved an estimated 608 000 mg of nitrogen oxide emissions from entering the atmosphere per year, based on the average yearly distance covered.

The vehicles meet the University’s targets to lower on-campus emissions while providing a quieter alternative to other vehicles, improving work efficiency as vehicles can operate on campus during the day without disrupting learning activities.

The vehicles also reduce harmful air pollution from exhaust emissions, delivering cleaner air for the environment.

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